What I’m doing

I started living full-time in a large canvas tent yesterday. I’m out overlooking the Green River not too far from Moab. It’s beautiful here and absolutely quiet minus the occasional wind gust.

I’m working remotely thanks to a power station, two solar panels, and a Starlink. I’m staying on beautiful land rent-free and am still able to work and get paid. I call that a win.

I’m also working on a project to put individuals in control of their data with a personal server. It’s basically a (yet to be built) box that you plug into an outlet and you have your own personal server. I’m making it open-sourced and will post more here soon.

I also am slowly teaching myself about neurophysiology, or the study of how the nervous system functions. One day, I hope to conduct research into how the nervous system works throughout the body in regard to mental health.

I’d love to collaborate with people on these projects. Please reach out if you want to connect or have any questions!


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